The SPA-Logo-with strap linePanacea for Small Businesses?

The SalesPulse Academy has launched what could be manna from heaven for many small businesses – a practical, gimmick free eLearning platform focused on helping business people learn to become more effective at selling. is being launched today through The SalesPulse Academy Ltd. – a joint venture between Koru Consulting Ltd. and Productive Sales Professionals Ltd. – with the express intention of assisting business professionals who have to sell their company’s products or services, become more proficient at sales.  All too often, these individuals are at a disadvantage to their larger competitors with trained sales professionals.  Well, not any more.
For a quarterly subscription of £120 inc. individuals are presented with 10 initial modules to follow – at a time and place of their choosing and more importantly, in whichever order they feel they need to cover them, and as many times as they want. The company is committed to keeping the material fresh with additional modules available on a quarterly basis. In addition, there are hand-picked supporting articles from various sources that are presented to the subscriber to assist their learning.  Support packages from The SalesPulse Academy are also available to suit the subscriber’s needs.
Commenting on the new service, Steve Rowe – Co-Founder of The SalesPulse Academy – said “We think this is a service that has been sorely missing for business owners and professionals and with our 150+years of business to business sales expertise, we think we’ve made all the mistakes there are to make and can save people from making them with this course.  We wanted to make it very cost effective, practical and simple to follow at the pace the subscriber wants to learn at and, unlike other eLearning services, in any order they choose, as many times as they choose.”
It is estimated that as many as 65% of the UK’s SMB business professionals who are tasked with selling their products / services have had no professional sales training at all.  “We think this service will provide a typical Return On Investment of at least 20 times within the first quarter’s use” added Rowe.
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