Why you need to be using a CRM tool....

Why you need to be using a CRM tool….

I still meet many SMB owners who do not understand the value of a CRM tool to their business.
Let me be really clear about it.  Using a CRM tool will (amongst other benefits):

  • Increase the equity value of the business.  Investors like to see databases with good customer intelligence and interaction
  • Give companies with a fully utilised CRM system the opportunity to increase sales by 29%, according to recent studies as reported in Forbes.com
  • Make your most valuable asset – the customer data – remain with you and NOT in the heads of employees who may leave at some point
  • Help you track all customer interactions in once place
  • Help you analyse buying patterns
  • Enable you to realise which customers produce the most profit
  • Allow you to perform analysis across your entire customer base which will help you better align your offerings to new prospects

There are plenty more reasons to consider using one. And you can start for free with a cloud based tool to ‘test the water’.
I curate an article on CRM for SMB’s and you can read it via paper.li by clicking here.
If you’d like to get an external expert’s view on your sales strategy or how to go about selecting and implementing a CRM tool, I am happy to conduct an initial assessment of your approach at no cost. I’ll then recommend areas that I can transform for you. It might just help you catapult your business forward and you literally have nothing to lose!  Contact me now on 01664 840763, 07712 305111 or email me at phil.partington@psalesp.com.