We firmly believes that the achievement of net zero is an all-win or no-win situation.

What this means is that there must be a joined-up approach, embracing all business sectors, governments and communities that are local to – or serve – a particular area and as a result the British Isles as a whole.

KlimateKonnect™ helps facilitate the Net Zero journey, by helping any organisation, community or individual through the provision of a multi-faceted service covering:

• What has worked and as importantly, what hasn’t

• Ideas from a wide range of sources

• Networking opportunities

• Access to Climate Change material from other trusted sources

Our objective is “To help ensure that all parties involved maximise the benefits from their climate change investments and accelerate progress to Net Zero”.

We selected CitizenLab to provide the platform on which this service is based. This provides a Climate Change experience, information exchange and networking service to all organisations and individuals engaged in their journey to Net Zero.

Here are a couple of screenshots from the www.klimatekonnect.com website:

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