IntaActiv-Expo™ is a multimedia virtual exhibition provided by Koru Consulting Ltd (Koru). Its aim is to extend the life of standard public consultations, sales or thematic exhibition, thus generating more response. Such responses could be in terms of feedback, suggestions or revenue, depending upon the nature of the event. With its web-chat room, drop in centre, immediate surveys and choice of interactive multi layered geo-spatial mapping, it provides much greater value than traditional exhibitions/consultations.

Each IntaActive-Expo™ is unique. It’s built to specific customer needs; be that the type of exhibition premises, the content of the “stands”, the supporting media on the stands etc. Here is an example.

Just click on the image to see it live. The roll up boards have pre-set information behind them. There is the ability to have videos and surveys as part of this type of exhibition as well as a drop-in centre with live people and/or on-line chat.

Here is another example.

Click on the image to bring it to life. In this case it is a local plan consultation. Equally, it could be an e-commerce site or an events booking service. It is much more interactive and engaging. Like the above example it has video, surveys, live drop-in centre, or centres and/or on-line chat, interactive mapping and can be integrated with any survey or engagement Software as a Service (SaaS) website.

The benfits IntaActive-Expo™ delivers:

• An alternative channel to reach communities – it’s always on

• Increased take-up across demographics – more responses

• Engaging – more responses

• Short, immediate surveys – reduced abandonment

• Interactive multi layered geo-spatial mapping – adds excitement and generates interest

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