Generating an Audience for your Engagement Event

It doesn’t matter whether you a running a town hall consultation, a community hub meeting, a drop-in centre, a physical and/or virtual (digital) exhibition or a digital engagement, you will need an audience. Newspaper advertisements, town hall noticeboards and website promotions are unlikely to deliver the volume of consultees you will need to support your plans, or give you the depth and breadth of ideas to help deliver your plans. To address this need, we have a developed a service based around social media. It will allow customers to place advertisements on the most appropriate platform for the target audience. For example, if you need to engage professionals we will use LinkedIn, for the younger demographic we could use Instagram and for other groups Facebook would be a choice. We will work with you to develop the most appropriate adverts and manage and monitor the programme, reporting back to you regularly.

The Service

This service aims to increase the number of people attending a specific event which could for example be a physical meeting, an exhibition or a customer’s engagement website, and to generate more participation.

The service is bespoke and is available to supplement the customer’s own traditional offline and online campaign activities to drive community participation on one project. It comprises;

  • Four channels (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter)
  • Two campaigns: promotion and retargeting
  • Strategy + ad type analysis
  • Creative content curation (Maximum of 3 iterations)
  • Facebook and/or Twitter Pixel installation
  • Custom audience segmentation by demographics e.g. age, location etc
  • Ad scheduling
  • Daily campaign monitoring
  • Detailed post-campaign report
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While the service, using appropriate channels is extremely effective, it is not an exact science. It is important to recognise that in the early phases of the service, Koru will try different approaches, focus on what works in practice and quickly terminate what does not. In the event that the customer wishes to change the agreed approach, Koru Consulting Ltd reserves the right to adjust the price.

What We Do

The service delivered by Koru Consulting Ltd comprises of the following:

● The appointment of a Social Media Manager, who will manage the programme together with the customer’s authorised representative

● Construct the campaign recommending the length (minimum 1 month), dates and timing for each phase

● Identifying the most appropriate channels

● Recommend targets for each promotion by demographics