What We Do.

What We Do.

You want to increase your engagement with all sectors of your community. We’ll dig into the steps you’re planning and with clarity on your goals and current approach, we’ll brainstorm and discuss with you, to develop a recommended programme of improvements. With this presented, and the improvements agreed, we’ll craft a cast-iron strategy that hones in on the areas where the biggest leaps and bounds can be made – and ensures you achieve the maximum return on your submissions for funding. All of which could be complete within as little as 3-5 days.

Our aim throughout this process is to help you help your communities by securing the maximum financial – and community – support for your projects that impact on your citizens’ lives. From Climate Emergency Plans to Local Plans and Traffic-related plans, we’ll help you reach more sectors with our experience and expertise in digital engagement.

We understand how to simplify complex problems to make them easier to solve but most importantly to engage stakeholders at scale.

    With our emphasis on problem simplification, engagement and involvement across the supply chain, right through to customer/citizen communities, we help accelerate progress and make sure your sustainability strategies remain resilient beyond your target net zero date.

    You can read more about our services in the detail below. Alternatively, you can view our virtual exhibition, covering our products and services. This is built on our IntaActiv-Expo™ platform, which is one of our offerings. Having read the introductory statement, simply click on the ‘X’ in the top right corner to enter the exhibition. You can expand this to full page size by using the magnifier in the top right corner.

    The achievement of net zero is an all-win or no-win situation.

    KlimateKonnect™ helps facilitate the Net Zero journey, by helping any organisation through the provision of a multi-faceted service covering:

    • What works and what doesn’t

    • Ideas

    • Networking

    • Access to Climate Change material from other trusted sources

    In one place, all communities can access best practice ideas and learn what others are doing to pursue Net Zero. It’s curated into easy to navigate groups, to make the experience as simple as possible.

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    IntaActiv-Expo™ is a multimedia virtual exhibition provided by Koru Consulting Ltd (Koru), . Its aim is to extend the life of a standard public consultations, sales or thematic exhibition, thus generating more response. Such responses could be in terms of feedback, suggestions or revenue, depending upon the nature of the event. With its WebChat Room, Drop in centre, short, immediate surveys and choice of interactive multi layered geo-spatial mapping, it provides much greater value than traditional consultations.

    Each IntaActiv-Expo™ is unique. It’s built to specific customer needs; be that the type of exhibition premises, the content of the “stands”, the supporting media on the stands etc.

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    Here is an example. Just click on the image to see it live.

    Digital Engagement.

    Reach unprecedented numbers in your communities with the leading Digital Engagement platform. Uncover the community insights you need to make informed decisions. CitizenLab’s community engagement platform makes it easy for governments to engage their residents, manage their input and make informed decisions, all in one place. And do it more cost-effectively than any other method.

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    Uncover the community insights you need to make informed decisions. CitizenLab’s community engagement platform makes it easy for governments to engage their residents, manage their input and make informed decisions, all in one place.

    Physical Engagement.

    For Climate Change to be arrested, everyone needs to be part of the solution. There are still many cases where physical, face-to-face, or voice-to-voice as an integral part of a consultation, is the best way to get results. This is relevant to any engagement/consultation. Koru can provide a service to help you get the best blended approach, including the management of physical engagement. Click here to learn more.

    Generating an Audience for Your Engagement Event.

    Whatever sort of event you plan, you will need an audience. We have a developed a service that will help you get the message out to as wide a potential audience as possible, by harnessing the power of Socail Media.

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    AXIOM Sustainability.

    The Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting (SECR) Framework is a new regulation introduced in the UK that requires LLPs, Quoted and Unquoted companies to disclose their energy and carbon emissions. Fully compliant with the SECR framework – AXIOM provides complete visibility, access and control over all the data you need for quick, easy reporting.

    AXIOM makes things simple – in a complete SECR platform that helps you drive carbon reduction and ensures you stay compliant.

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    Improving sustainability doesn’t end with your own operations – it means looking at the complete supply chain. Measure Scope 3 emissions, estimate the carbon footprint of your suppliers and make reporting easy with Axiom. Axiom automatically transforms all your supplier spend data into emissions data.

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