How does your Value Proposition stack up?

It’s my father’How does your Value Proposition stack up?s funeral this week, so I’ve been rather tied up with the arrangements.  Rather than ‘fall silent’, I thought I would republish a blog on the importance of a well crafted Value Proposition.
I was reminded of this whilst in a meeting with a Business Partner recently.  Only now after 2 years trading, is she earnestly working on creating a Value Proposition for her prospective clients.
Vistage, the Business Owners’ Group agree with me about the importance of a strong Value Proposition.  It is important in a B2B environment to think through and be able to articulate the value you are offering to your prospective client.  It’s a great discipline to adopt as it will help you clarify why your prospect should buy your offering rather than a competitor’s. It also enables you to clearly state the value of your solution to the prospect.  Don’t assume others will do the same because they often don’t, which puts you one step ahead of them!  You can read the Vistage article by clicking here.
It’s worth adopting this approach, as it’s the sort of common sense uncommonly practised by most.
Business as usual from next week.
All the best.