An uncomfortable truth that holds many of us back…

Sat here at my desk, I feel uncomfortable typing this article in one respect.  But the truth is, I believe it’s important to be authentic and honest.  This article is about self-limiting beliefs.  It’s something I have suffered from at various times in my career, despite being successful at what I do.  I suspect it’s something that a lot of people struggle with and it definitely holds people back.  When I look back at periods where I have ‘drifted’, it tends to be when I had doubts about my real ability.
If you find you never suffer from a lack of self belief, you’re one step ahead of me.  If however, you do sometimes wonder whether it holds you back, then I recommend you read this article by clicking here.  It won’t present you with a magic pill to cure it, but it may  help you recognise the effect.  It seems to me that recognising the effect is a pretty good place to start.   From this, you will realise the value in adjusting your attitude and expectations of yourself.  It’s an ongoing challenge for me, but I’m on top of it now.  This is in no small way down to the great things my clients and former employees have to say about me.  Thanks to you all.
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