Tune in to hidden opportunities

Tune in to hidden opportunities.  Following on from my previous post about hiring mistakes, I thought I would relay a story that happened a few months ago.   Happy Businessman Working on a Tropical Beach
I had been working with a client for several months and we had started to see the fruits of his labour in the form of increased commercial opportunities.  The challenge he faced was that it was becoming apparent that he needed a sales person to properly manage the opportunities that were now regularly arriving, as the owner simply didn’t have the time (or possibly the expertise) to convert as many of them as he should.
He asked me for some help and it became apparent that he was not alone in realising that he didn’t really know how to go about recruiting a quality sales person for his business.  I subsequently created a training session for him to take him through the experiences I had amassed (and mistakes I had made).  Fast forward to a week ago and the business has appointed a really good candidate for the role, who I am very confident will be a great success for them.
On the back of this (and some unrelated training I performed for another couple of clients), I felt there was a demand for this kind of help in the Small Business community, so armed with my satisfaction from the outcome for my client, I applied for approval and registration as a Leadership & Management Trainer with the Government’s Business Growth Service.  Confirmation that I had been successful arrived last week and I am now able to help my clients take advantage of the fabulous financial support from the Government in the area of Training as well as Consulting.  I was able to tune in to this previously hidden opportunity for my business and the same can be achieved in yours – if you have the right mindset.