Tools and Tips for Showing Customers You Really Care

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Tools and Tips for Showing Customers You Really Care. When I am working with a new client, one of the first questions I ask in my audit process relates to how they engage with their clients – especially new ones.  It no longer surprises me when I hear the typical response – “We send out a credit application form on receipt of first order”, or “We send them our newsletter”.  This simply isn’t good enough in this day and age.  You need to go out of your way to demonstrate a level of commitment that impresses your clients, whether it is by picking up the phone yourself to speak with your clients on a scheduled basis or getting some feedback on their experience via an external ‘independent’ resource, as just two examples.  There’s an article in, which helps to set the scene a little on this topic, which you can read by clicking here.
The key here is to make sure you set in place a process to actually care about your clients’ experience with your Company, capture the feedback and modify your approach accordingly.  If you don’t, someone else just might……
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