Happy New Year. The respite is over and another set of challenges are on your desk. In this brief newsletter I am going to offer ten answers to the question, “What is it we can do to improve our chances of success in 2015”? There are no panaceas but absolute focus on your customers is a great place to start, and that is the theme of this edition of the SalesPulse.
Have a structured account plan for your most valuable customers that has SMART objectives and unambiguous action plans.
Don’t fall into the trap of believing you know what your customers’ want. The only way to really know is to speak with them.
Build a contact plan for your most valuable customers and have your leadership team support your account managers by engaging with their counterparts.
Identify all the work that you do that is not directly to do with serving your customers or adhering to legislation/regulation and create and execute a plan to stop doing it.
Trust is the most powerful motivational tool. Empower your people to do what is right for their customers.
Create and deliver more value than your competitors – this can only be achieved if you really understand your customers’ business.
Continuously measure and improve customer satisfaction.
Set the goal of having every customer as a reference and case study
Partner with your customers and likeminded organisations to solve business problems in your customers’ sector. Our conference in April will help you with this
Reward role model customer centric behaviour.
There is really one answer to the “What is it we can do” question and that is to put the customer first, second and third. For every task that people do ask the question “Is this really going to help us achieve our customer objectives“? as this is the key to freeing up time, resources and cash to improve customer service, your peoples’ morale and motivation and business results.