How to be a successful sales force of one!

Closeup of an old fashioned pill bottle filled with Magic Pills.Many Small-Medium Business owners in the B2B sector are their company’s salesforce.  It’s a lonely existence and can be very frustrating.
If this is a situation you find yourself in, it’s critical that you are operating as effectively as you can.
With so many other pressures on your time, you need to ensure you are maximising the return on your investment in selling.
There are some really useful tips to help you understand how to work at your optimal level in a great article I saw in
The good news is that I can manage three of the four subjects for you if it’s a bit daunting, so it doesn’t have to consume more of your time.
Take a look at the article by clicking here. Once you’ve read it, if you want to discuss how I can deal with items 2-4, get in touch.
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I can share at least 3 insights that everyone in your position needs to know if they want to make the changes to improve their success
rate in B2B sales now and in the future. Even if we never do business together, what I share with you will help you make better decisions about what you do in the future.
I look forward to hearing from you.
Phil Partington