Stop being a busy fool!

Stop being a busy fool
Running and growing a business is a tough task; a very difficult balancing act, you might say.  All too often, we hear from customers who are ‘run ragged’. They have no time to take a step back from the detail of day-to-day business issues and look at the way they operate.
But, if they did – with some trained help – they would probably be able to identify several areas they can improve. We see this a lot.
Many business owners think themselves as being more than competent in most areas of their business. But, the truth is that this is simply not the case, in the majority. They may be able to get by, but there is a world of difference between this and being great.
If you are getting the results you want and have a good work: life balance today, congratulations! You don’t need to read any further.
For those of you who don’t have this enviable status, read on!
The first step is to acknowledge that there is room for improvement – and where. In particular, where do you spend more time than you feel you ought to. Then speak to people within your network and ask if they know of any external experts in this field. In our experience, referrals are the best way to source experts – and customers in our case! After all, if one of your contacts is willing to recommend an external adviser, the chances are they will be good. A good 85% of our business comes from a referral by one of our customers.
Then, be honest with the adviser you choose. Don’t get defensive about your current practices. And above all, be open-minded to their input. Finally, make time to commit to doing what you agree. Often, we see people agree to do certain things by a certain time – and fail to deliver. At the end of the day, this is the key. You have to be willing to make the effort – and changes – that you agree.
If you do this, the chances are better than average that you will experience faster growth and a better work: life balance as a result.