Happy New Year. In this edition of the SalesPulse we focus on some thoughts that we believe will enhance business performance in 2013. Our quote this month is about focus and we should all focus on what is important, and the most important asset we all have is our customers. Here are some ideas for you to think about:
1. What do our customers really want and value from us?
2. Which customers need special attention and managerial help in the next quarter?
3. Which new prospects would make 2013 a great year if captured?
4. Where can we improve our teamwork and partnering to delight our customers and turn them into passionate advocates?
5. What customer interfacing/contact improvements must we execute in 2013 and in what sequence?
6. Which team members need some special help and coaching to turn them into success stories for 2013?
7. What initiatives should we launch and sustain inside the company and into the marketplace during the first six months? 
8. How can we execute our plans for 2013 in a better, smarter, simpler or more focused fashion?
9. Which business area needs the most help and action in the first quarter?
10. What simplification and improvement actions can I lead/do/sponsor, ideally before Easter? For example;
 – Minimise/stop lengthy, poorly run and unnecessary meetings…especially my own
 – Stop badly qualified sales effort and activity. No spray and pray!
 – Stop high risk/low reward activity; know your margins and business risks when saying yes or no.
 – Trust your people!
ABOVE ALL ELSE, DO THE SIMPLE THINGS WELL, DO NOTHING THAT ADDS NO VALUE TO YOUR CUSTOMERS and REDUCE COMPLEXITY. Click here for details of a webinar which will describe how you can achieve this in your sales function