SME leaders should make sales a higher priorityMissing jigsaw puzzle piece with light glow

SME leaders should make sales a higher priority according to entrepreneur Lara Morgan in a recent article in The Daily Telegraph. “British SMEs will get left behind unless they start placing higher priority on their sales force and take active steps to instill more pride and professionalism in it” warns Morgan.
Morgan founded Pacific Direct, a toiletries business which she sold for £20m. She said: “The sales person is the engine of a business and frankly the only part of a company that matters, because without sales people there wouldn’t be any other jobs. But the insanity is that businesses are not investing in their sales engine, because in Britain people are embarrassed about the idea of selling.”  You can read the full article by clicking here.
She’s right, of course but the question is what to do about it if this is not your natural skill? Well, there are several online courses available to help you learn the basics, as a starting point.  The SalesPulse Academy (which I co founded) has a simple, no nonsense sales eLearning platform.  It’s available 24/7 and costs as little as £30 per month. You can take a look at
Then there is the option of inviting an external expert to assess your current practices.  This should flush out a series of recommendations to improve them. I make no secret of the fact that this is what I do and I do it well for my clients!  They are typically growing at 62% p.a., which is an impressive rate in anyone’s estimation.
The key here is that you need to do something and do it soon, otherwise you risk being left behind by your competition.
I am happy to conduct an initial assessment of your selling approach at no cost.  I’ll then recommend areas that I can transform for you.  It might just be the missing piece in your jigsaw and you literally have nothing to lose! If you want to take advantage of this offer, feel free to contact me on 01664 840763, 07712 305111 or email me at
All the best.