A short but inspiring book business people should read now!

How to Minimise The Issue That Most Secretly Fear About SalesAs those of you who interact with me over one or more of the media channels will know, I love to share great advice. And here is a piece I urge you to follow. Read this book as soon as you can. It will only take you a couple of hours but may well transform your approach – for the better.

It’s a book about giving more than you ask for in return and the value you will receive in return. “Give Exceptional Value. Enjoy Extraordinary Results” is the way Bob Burg, the Co-author, puts it. It’s true! Without sugar-coating the message in any way, the authors tell a story, which had a profound effect on me. If you were ever like me, a go-getter, you’ll understand the single-minded approach to success.

But I’ve learned there is another way to be successful. Yes, there is risk involved, but it’s a risk that will pay off in the medium term. It’s all about looking for ways to add more value to your contacts than you are expected to deliver. Let me give you an example.

When I am working with clients, I try to find out whether they are eligible for any Government Grants. On many occasions, they will be eligible for Capital Projects but not Revenue spend. Rather than ignore it, as it’s not relevant to my service, I will still tell them what is available. And I will aim to help them understand the process involved in applying.

One of my clients managed to get funding for a new website. Without the grant, they would not have been able to commit to the work at the time. It made a massive impact on their ability to attract new clients, but it had very little to do with my service. But, this small contribution on my part has secured me a loyal client who is likely to refer me more often as a result. Who knows what that might be worth to me in the long term? This is NOT my primary motive though. I now look for ways to offer additional value without seeking any return. It’s just good practice – and I feel so much better about myself than I ever used to as a Go-getter. Try it, you might be surprised.  To visit the Go Giver site, click here.

All the best.