The Power of Personal Referrals

The Power of Personal Referrals
This week, I delivered a presentation at a National Sales Conference for a large client. Apart from getting a real buzz from the event, I decided the story behind it would make a good blog.
All being well, the work I will be doing for my client will benefit us both massively, but the real value in the story is how I secured them as a client and the power of personal referrals.
A friend of mine had recently moved from his previous employer to a new company. The new company has a great reputation in its industry sector. Forward-thinking, quality focused and committed are just a handful of the words used to describe them. After a month or so, he suggested I should talk to the Sales Director about how I could help him. It didn’t stop there though. He made a point of introducing me to his colleague along with a hearty recommendation.
Fast forward a few months and there I was, presenting to a group of 70 people as part of the national conference. This is the biggest client I have worked with since leaving the corporate world behind and I owe it to my friend for his kind introduction. Ok, I did a decent job of understanding their needs and addressing them. But the project wouldn’t have got off the ground without the introduction. It also has the potential to be the biggest revenue generating client for my business as well.
The point here is to recognise the value and power of personal referrals. They are by far the most valuable source of leads a business can have. When was the last time you asked a good contact for a referral? Try it. You have nothing to lose. And if you do receive one, it is likely to close faster than any other type of lead. You may even find you are not in a competitive fight for the business!
All the best.