If you’d like your business to be operating to Best Practice, start with your Sales function – whether it’s you personally or you have a dedicated sales team.
According to the well-respected Aberdeen Consulting Group, “..to achieve Best Practice, companies must:
Acquire sales training expertise and then “train the trainer” to capture the knowledge internally for successive generations of sales reps and managers.”  I thought this quote from Tim Minarik of ID Images encapsulates the best approach particularly well. “Use it or lose it; put sales training into practice immediately and review effectiveness often.”
If you don’t, this is what is likely to happen. Professor Neil Rackham, the ‘Professor of Professional Selling’ and creator of SPIN Selling estimated that a staggering 87% of sales training is forgotten within 30 days of the training. By definition, this is money badly spent! So badly spent in fact, that few companies know what their return on investment from sales training is. It should not be an act of faith, it should be a measured investment like buying a new piece of machinery or recruiting additional staff.
If you want to understand how you best go about planning to get the best from a training programme, get in touch with us; our advice costs you nothing and we are pleased to offer it to you.  Whether or not you want to benefit from our training services, we are happy to guide you in terms of the way to maximise the return on your investment.   So, take the first step and talk to us.
If you are interested in working with us after this, you’ll receive a tailored training programme which ensures you improve your sales performance. To go beyond the norm, we support you with our unique reinforcement system, AuxiliumTM. AuxiliumTM will help you ensure your people retain more of what is learned.
To learn more about our programmes and how AuxiliumTM ensures you get a much better return on your training investment, contact us today on 0141 611 9690 or email us at simon@helpmesell.eu and we’ll take you through the new way to train your sales team.