5 ways to motivate and retain your staff

motivate and retain your staff
5 ways to motivate and retain your staff.  I was chatting with a new client the other day about the need to have a clear Vision statement and a set of values that were shared with the workforce and she wasn’t convinced it was that critical.  “We’ve done okay so far without trying to mimic bigger companies.”
Well, I read an article the other day on Forbes.com and sent it over to her to read.  After reading it, she has agreed to work on creating something to share with her staff.  Believe me, this is positive!
Now it may only be one of a number of things that a responsible employer will employ, but it is an important one nonetheless.
The other 4 in this article are also important to be aware of.  It’s a 5 minute read, which you can view by clicking here.
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