It was quite by accident that I came to realise that it was ten years since we published the first SalesPulse. In that time, we have published 128 unique thought provoking editions, but I must admit that I did re-use the title of the first edition to celebrate our ninth anniversary. Our aim has always been to provide interesting and educational content for all management disciplines and not just sales – but with a strong customer and sales emphasis. 

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My favourite is Good down to earth sales and marketing guidance, applicable to all companies regardless of size – FOR FREE” 

So what next? Well firstly The SalesPulse will continue providing there is demand for it. Over the last ten years we have developed vast amounts of content, not only for the SalesPulse but also for and with our customers.  To take our knowledge, experience and guidance to the next level, over the last six months we have compiled this information in to a package that has eLearning at its core to help companies mobilise their entire customer facing organisation to sell. In many companies there are no salespeople, so non-sales professionals have to sell. These include directors, support engineers, professional services deliverers; in fact anyone who has direct customer involvement. While they have professional skills and have gleaned some sales techniques, few if any have had any sales training or coaching. Why have we focused our new initiative on this group of people?

The general perception, or misconception of sales people is that they are sharp, silver tongued money grabbers. However, the professional business to business sales person is absolutely nothing like this. In the vast majority of cases they are excellent business people many, if not all come from a solid business background. They understand their customers’ business, are proactive in developing solutions for their customers’ needs, provide advice on a broad spectrum of topics and the best are treated as trusted advisors.

Given this background, the non-professional seller can be at a major disadvantage when competing with the professionals.

In those companies that employ sales people, much of the organisation believes that the sales teams are the only people who should sell. While it might be a good notion when it comes to apportioning responsibility (or blame), it severely restricts a company’s sales capacity, capability, awareness and attitude.

Improving these attributes by a relatively small amount can have a significant impact on individual and team  performance.

So to celebrate 10 years of the SalesPulse we are pleased to announce the formation of the SalesPulse Academy.

The SalesPulse Academy’s first offering is the Sales Foundation eLearning Package. This is much more than just eLearning. This package, built upon our philosophy “Selling is simple and fun” comprises:

  • Jargon free easy-to-use, easy-to-learn and easy-to-retain on line sales training for the non-sales professional
  • Eleven instructional modules covering all the necessary sales skills and as value add, a lead generation lesson, all available any time, any where
  • No assessments, no tests, just simple application to support retention
  • A commitment to refresh and update at least quarterly
  • Support from a curated library of relevant information to help broaden and hone knowledge on each of the topics covered
  • Excellent value supporting services, delivered by Koru’s people and a new associate director to help our customers to sell more, and
  • An exclusive on line community for customers only where, supported and at times led by the SalesPulse Academy team, they can seek or give help discuss a broad range of business issues and network when they choose.

Our Sales Foundation eLearning Package will:

  • Improve, and sustain a significant improvement in, your sales skills
  • Help you make best use of your limited sales time
  • Help you win more of the deals that you bid for
  • Improve your consulting skills
  • Make you more competitive, and
  • As you become more comfortable with selling, it will deliver an ever increasing return on your modest investment.

All this is yours for significantly less than a daily cup of take away coffee!
We at Koru, The SalesPulse and now The SalesPulse Academy have always been committed to enhancing the reputation of selling, promoting it as a source of defendable and sustainable competitive advantage and helping our customers and readers profitably grow their businesses. This new venture takes that commitment further, by introducing professional selling to the non-sales business professional. You can learn about how The SalesPulse Academy can help you by clicking here
Published, courtesy of Koru Consulting Ltd