who-why-what-where-whenDo you know why you win deals?

Do you know why you win deals?  At first, this may seem a stupid question to pose, but consider this – over 75% of companies I meet don’t have any insightful way of gathering and analysing this type of feedback.  Most don’t even ask the question. So the bottom line is they don’t know why they win, at least in most cases.
Many companies want to know why they didn’t win a piece of business and some of them will actually ask the question of their prospect.  Often though, it’s off-the-cuff and it’s the person who led the sale that asks the question.  If it was me being asked, I admit I’d find it hard to tell the seller that I didn’t like or trust them so I’ll make up another reason.
One way of learning from both of these experiences is to create a template that helps you approach the topic in a structured way so you can start to gain an insight into why you win and lose bids.  Surely, it makes sense to be able to collate the information and then analyse the patterns, doesn’t it? And that’s exactly what I do with my clients – create a template and a process to initially gather  input from both scenarios and in some instances, I do the review on their behalf – with some very revealing answers that my clients weren’t expecting.  What’s your view?
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