If you are the primary salesperson for your company…….

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If you are the primary salesperson for your company.......
As a specialist who helps SME’s grow their sales faster, I was fascinated to read some research undertaken by the HR Chally Group and documented by its CEO, Howard Stevens.  When Business to Business customers choose a supplier, the single most important factor (39%) that influenced their decision on which supplier to choose was THE COMPETENCE OF THE PERSON SELLING THE PRODUCT / SERVICE!
This was followed by the solution offered (22%), the quality of offering (21%) and finally price (18%).  The Chally Group research also showed that less than 1 in 1000 people met the standard of managing the benefits delivered to their customer.  The study revealed seven key rules to achieving this standard, some of which were quite revealing. What this means to you is there is a great opportunity to stand out from the crowd, if you have the right tools and approach at your disposal.  If you would like to understand the seven rules or to discover more about the research and to explore how I can help you accelerate your sales, contact me on the numbers below.
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