BlogAll the marketing wisdom will tell you how important blogging is to draw interest to your website. It follows that you should make sure that your blogs are as engaging as possible, doesn’t it?
Most companies know that an online presence is mandatory nowadays. But, not all make the most of their website by blogging.
Done in the right way, it can increase traffic to your website, improve your web page ranking, make it easy for readers to share your blog and position you as an authority – to name a few of the benefits.
There’s a good article on the 10 key areas you should concentrate on, when creating your blogs and you can read it by clicking the link here.  From my perspective, I always try and use a relevant image to attract the eye, or a chart of some sort to help bring a visual aspect to the message.  I didn’t give much thought to the width of the columns, so that was something I put into practice straight after reading this article!
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