How to disrupt your market and grow faster

Business Man With Concepts Representing Growth, And Success
How to disrupt your market and grow faster.  This is a challenge many business leaders think about, but struggle to effectively create a plan for and then implement.
In today’s uncertain and fast paced environment, it is critical that businesses try to out think their competition and find ways of disrupting the market. For those that can crack the code, growth rates will completely outstrip their competitors and can open up new avenues for development.  But how do we go about it?   It’s easier said than done, but the rewards are potentially massive.  We all know of brands that have enjoyed huge success as a result and whilst we may not all seek global domination, if we don’t allocate some of our strategy planning time to thinking in a new way, we may find ourselves left behind.  I remember a great caption on a motivational poster I once had on a wall in our sales office: “There are 2 kinds of company – the quick and the dead.”  Getting truer by the month.
There’s an interesting take on this from Peter Fisk, author of Gamechangers in a recent Vistage blog.  You can read about the 10 essential behaviours for gamechanger-driven growth by clicking here.  Easier said than done, but