Go the extra mile for your customers….

And reap the rewards.
Go the extra mile for your customers.... And reap the rewards.
I was reminded of the value of this concept last week in a direct but surprising experience I had.  The tyre pressure warning light reared its ugly head on my dashboard one evening.  When I stopped the car to check, sure enough, I had a nail in a rear tyre causing a slow loss of pressure.
I called my local tyre company and asked about the cost of repair or replacement.  A dangerous thing to do, I thought. “£18 to repair if we can.  £180 to replace if we can’t.”  You can guess where I was assuming this would lead.  As I had no option, I took the car in and waited for the inevitable.  First shock – “We can repair it.”  Bigger shock – “No charge.  You’ll need a new pair in 2000 miles or so and you’ll hopefully consider us when you do.”
This was what really impressed me.  There was an opportunity to advise me not to have it repaired and charge me £180 for a new tyre but insted, they decided that my satisfaction was more important to them in the long term.  Not many!  I wax lyrical about ETS at every chance I get now and won’t dream of going elsewhere for new tyres.  Not only will they get my and my wife’s future custom, but I refer them to my contacts and friends in the area.  No idea what that might be worth to them in the long term, but certainly more than £180!!
So, the message is clear.  If you go beyond the norm for your customers, you can expect to gain much more in the long term than it cost you.  Worth a thought….
Good hunting.