Getting The Most Out Of Your Sales StaffGetting the most out of your sales staff

Are you getting the most out of your sales staff?  If you have a sales team and are uncertain as to how you get more out of them or increase their engagement / motivation, I wrote this article a short while back for the Chamber of Commerce magazine, BUSINESS NETWORK and thought it was worth posting on my blog.  It speaks to the value of setting a clear direction for your team and measuring their progress against the KPI’s you should set, which are consistent with this direction.  Other topics I cover in the article include the value of using technology to help your team, approach to incentives, recognition and knowledge refresh.  All elements that make significant contributions to the well-being and motivation of a successful team.
You can read the article by clicking  here and going to pages 34-35.
I’d be interested to hear your feedback and whether you believe there’s something fundamental that I omitted.
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