Don’t Leave It To Luck!

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Don't Leave It To Chance!
I came across a great article which got me thinking back to the days when I had a boss to report to.  Who were the ones I would jump through hoops of fire for? Who did I follow and want to emulate?
Well, as I reflect back whilst reading this article in Success magazine, I realised what it was that made them stand out. It was their ability to communicate and their interpersonal skills. Now these are just 2 of the must-haves on the list of 5 in this article. I would also add a 6th – they need to have a vision.
When I look back at other bosses I had who didn’t have these traits, I realised a few key differences. First, they didn’t get the absolute most from the people who reported to them. Second, they struggled to inspire their people. Third, they didn’t get the same level of results.
So, the question I asked myself was “which of these am I weak in?”.
I was ruthless with myself and set about trying to improve in these areas particularly. Have you ever sat back and asked yourself the same question? If not, you ought to. It can make a massive impact on your ability to hire, train, motivate and retain the best.
Have a read of the article by clicking here. It’s well worth your time, but you need to be honest with yourself and make a plan to
address your weaknesses, if you want your business to excel.
Of course, I can help you with some of these and signpost you to others that have skills elsewhere. So, if you are brave enough to face up to your areas of development need, call me or email me. My contact details are and mobile (07590) 661156.
All the best.