Are you sending the wrong message out to your potential customers?

ratings-arrowsAre you sending the wrong message out to your potential customers?  I thought I knew what was important to my potential clients when they were looking for help to increase their sales.  To make sure I did, I carried out a simple four step process with some recent clients to check my thinking – and boy, was I glad I did!
It turned out that the things of importance to them, I had taken as read and discounted as important when trying to distinguish myself in the marketplace.  Okay, there aren’t many Sales experts in the East Midlands that focus on improving customers’ sales processes and communications, but nevertheless it appears I had underestimated some of my ‘features’.
The key takeaway for you in this blog is that if you don’t spend time understanding what really differentiates you from your competitors IN YOUR PROSPECTIVE CUSTOMERS’ MINDS, then you run the risk of being a ‘me too’ supplier or even worse.   DO yourself a favour and check your Value Proposition with your customers and analyse the trends.  Collate the views and rank them based on some form of weighted average.  It will help you attract more customers.
If you’d like some help to go through the steps and craft a new Value Proposition for your business, why not call me on 01664 840763 or 07712 305111 to see what I can do to support you?
All the best.