Acres of Diamonds Part Two

Acres of Diamonds Part Two is a follow on to the last blog I wrote about the story of Russell H. Conwell’s parable – Acres of Diamonds.
Well, as luck would have it, I just came across a great article in, which not only backs up my conviction on this topic, but also offers a great list of questions that we should all be asking our top clients. I know I ask a few of them, but there are some really good ideas to build on and use in your pursuit of new clients – if you do it both consistently and use the data captured correctly.
You can read the article by clicking here. It won’t take you very long and it could help you immensely.
If you don’t get the chance to follow the link, please try this one, at least –  “Is there one product or product feature that, if we added, you would be willing to pay extra for?”–Joel Holland, Video Blocks
This subject is another in the series of Best Practices I help my clients  to integrate into their processes.  If you are based in Leicestershire, Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire or Lincolnshire, call me on 01664 840763, email me at or fill in the Enquiry form on the Contact us page, to ask how I can help you mine your acres of diamonds more profitably!
All the best.
Acres of Diamonds