Do you know why we lose up to 87% of what is learnt on Sales Training courses?

It may seem alien for a Sales Training company to be posing this question, but the truth is most of it doesn’t stick with us.

According to The Association for Talent Development, up to 80% of new skills are lost within 1 week of training if not used and according to Xerox, 87% of new skills are lost within a month of the training.  These observations confirmed what we already knew – it’s a problem.

All too often, people return from a Sales training course to an environment that is just the same as it was before they left for the course – and there’s a backlog of ‘stuff’ to catch up with.  These and other factors contribute to the poor impact most sales training has on the individuals.

Tackling this issue is at the core of some exciting developments from The SalesPulse Academy.

Keep an eye out for an announcement from us shortly that will change the way in which you learn and change the way you work…….

In the menatime, we are still making available our Referral Strategy module at no cost to you as a way of allowing you to get going, and for you to check out the value of our service.  It’s a simple and cost effective way of increasing your sales.  Just follow this link  and enjoy the content with our compliments.  No strings.

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