A genuine offer to combat the axing of Business Growth Service

Business Man With Concepts Representing Growth, And SuccessA genuine offer to combat the axing of Business Growth Service is now available from Productive Sales Professionals Ltd.
By now, many of you will be aware that the Government prematurely and abruptly (in my opinion) killed off the great work that the Business Growth Service was performing for the  SME community.  The Business Growth Service provided many SME’s with a lifeline grant to gain much needed external expertise to help them access Finance, Innovation or Business Development support.
As a result of the BGS withdrawal, I have taken the decision to put ‘my money where my mouth is’ and prepare an offer to help mitigate the impact on external sales growth advice for SME’s.  My service covers a diagnostic assessment of your Communication methods, your Sales processes & tools, together with your current routes to market, followed by recommended changes to help you improve your conversion rate of prospect to client.  In many instances, I also implement the changes for my clients.
I am offering to help you grow your sales through my expertise and support for a nominal day rate retainer plus a results-based payment at the end of the assignment.  This way, you pay less than you would have paid up front under GrowthAccelerator and only pay the final payment if the results are achieved – be they specific tasks delivered or Revenue improvements made.  What do you have to lose?  It’s a concrete statement of my confidence to be able to help you and my existing clients will vouch for this.
Call me on 01664 840763 or 07712 305111 to explore how I could help you and how we could structure a fee that suits you.
All the best.