A Brutal Truth About Success That Few People Are Willing to Admit

A Brutal Truth About Success That Few People Are Willing to Admit
The other day, I was walking my dog along one of the Country lanes near our village. The dog alerted me to the approach of another person, as my mind was off in the distance. As I turned my head to check, I saw a man on a racing bike freewheeling down the hill towards us. Kitted out with all the gear – enough to rival Sir Bradley Wiggins, he looked the part! Until he got closer. As he approached us, I couldn’t help noticing his paunch hanging over the crossbar of his bike (doubtless a carbon fibre model).
I know I shouldn’t be judgemental but it reminded me of an article I read in Inc.com, which resonated with me at the time – and still does. It’s all very well spending time and effort buying the best tools. But without the application of effort, it’s a waste of time and money.
Now for all I know, this may have been the start of a focus to get fit, but the point is that it’s more about the effort you put in than the money you spend. It won’t get him fit any faster – but more effort and less financial investment would. It’s the same in business. I recommend this 5 minute read as a good pointer to where your focus should be. Click here. to go to the article.
Hope it stirs some thoughts for you.
All the best.