Why on earth did the Government do this?

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My response to the Government’s decision to withdraw GrowthAccelerator & MAS……..

So it’s now official. The Business Growth Service (BGS), which includes the popular Manufacturing Advisory Service (MAS) and the Growth Accelerator programme, ended operations last Thursday – with barely 24 hours’ notice.
An article in the Guardian stated: “The BGS’s remit included the Growth Accelerator programme, which provided coaching and match-funding services to businesses. Figures on the BGS website show that it has assisted more than 18,000 businesses, helped SMEs raise more than £100m in finance and has a 94% approval rating from businesses that have used the service.” You can read the full piece by clicking here.
So where does this leave SME’s wanting help from an expert to grow their sales, but without the financial support previously offered by the Government? I have an answer.
Understandably, many business owners are skeptical when it comes to hiring a Consultant they have no direct experience of; I’m the same. This is where GrowthAccelerator really helped. Partly in response to this reluctance and partly to address the short-sighted removal of BGS to help SME’s, I have created an offer to take away a large portion of the risk from you.
I am willing to offer you access to my proven expertise, but I’ll share the financial risk – effectively putting my money where my mouth is. I will bring all the benefits my other clients have enjoyed to your business for a nominal daily fee plus an agreed percentage of your increase in sales revenues.
If that seems reasonable to you and you want to increase your sales, call me on 01664 840763 or 07712 305111 for a no-obligation discussion on your particular requirements.