3 Simple (and Inexpensive) Ways to Employee Happiness

Try a little ‘Servant Leadership’!
3 Simple (and Inexpensive) Ways to Employee Happiness
Hi there.
I was planning to post this next week. But on reflection, I thought it was worthy of sending out straight away.
I meet with a lot of SME owners who have challenges motivating some members of their staff, which can be a big concern in a small business. So, when I came across this article in Entrepreneur magazine, I thought I’d share it. If it’s good enough for the likes of Starbucks, I figured it is good enough for us to at least be aware of the concept.
As with most people-related issues, it’s all about communication and it isn’t rocket science! Take 5 minutes out of your busy schedule and read this article by clicking here.  It could be the key to unlocking the untapped potential of your workforce.
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