Are you the primary source of your company’s sales?
If you are, you’ll know that it can be a lonely and often frustrating task, which the business relies on for its revenue.
So you don’t need me to tell you that it’s important that the time you are able to devote to this key task is best spent.  To help you do this, there is a series of great tips in an article recently published in   If you follow them, it will at least ensure you have a structure to your selling efforts.  You can read the article by clicking here.
It’s a great start, but it will help if you also learn to improve your actual selling skills.  Alongside open classroom type training, you can start this process with our eLearning tool.  This will help you improve your sales ability, with timely help and support.  And with 24/7 availability to our platform, you can reach the service at a time and place convenient to you. It might be the help you need to shift the balance in your favour. Hope this helps with your sales effort.
We are making available our Referral Strategy module at no cost to you as a way of allowing you to check out the value of our service.  It’s a simple and cost effective way of increasing your sales.  Just follow this link  and enjoy the content with our compliments.  No strings.
We hope you will want to subscribe to the service once you have had your appetite whetted.  Starting at only £30 per month, if it prevents you losing just one deal it will pay for itself in no time at all.  You can take a look at
If you are looking for sustainable growth or developing a new sales approach, there is also the option of inviting an external expert to assess your current practices.  In addition to our eLearning platform, we offer on site training and support packages which include site visits, where we are happy to conduct an assessment of your selling approach. We’ll then recommend areas that we can transform for you.  If you want to discuss this service, simply contact us on +44 (0)141 611 9690 or email me at