Have You Been Let Down by Recruitment Agencies?

Have You Been Let Down by Recruitment Agencies?
If your experience is anything like mine, you’ll have been let down by Recruitment Agencies.  Promising the best candidates and delivering nothing. The good news is you can now enjoy a reliable Sales Recruiting service from Productive Sales Professionals. It differs from the mainstream Recruiters in 2 key respects.
Before I go into what’s different about it, let me share my experience of recruiting. I ran successful sales teams in the corporate world for many years. Enthusiastic Recruitment Agency staff would often contact me, eager to help me find the ideal candidates for my business. The problem was that most of them had never worked at the front line, selling ‘stuff’. As a consequence, they couldn’t empathise with me – or add any real value to the process. Effectively, they were just peddling CV’s. I found it hard to find a Recruitment firm that was able to guarantee me someone who had the ‘battle scars’ to work with me on my requirements. When I did, I kept them close to me!
If you haven’t been there and done it, you can’t truly understand the context of the requirements. I’ve been there and done it. Sure, I’ve made some bad mistakes in my recruiting life. But the good news is I learned from them, so you don’t have to make the same ones!
So here are the differences. Firstly, I have many real-life years of experience in successfully recruiting and leading Sales teams. These ‘battle scars’ provide you with the assurance that I know what you need and how to determine a good fit.  Secondly, I provide my clients with training, advice and coaching along with tools and processes to accelerate their sales.  All aimed at increasing their Return On Investment (ROI). This expertise gives me a unique insight into how to make the recruitment of a new Salesperson a success.
I can provide you with a menu-based service at extremely competitive rates. This can cover everything from sourcing the right candidates to managing the interview and offer process. I can also create a Best Practice On-boarding process specifically for your business.
Try me out and see the quality of candidate I can source for you.  You have nothing to lose.  Simply call me on 01664 840763, 07590 661156 or email me at phil.partington@psalesp.com for a confidential discussion.
All the best.