1 Way To Create More Social and Family Time

I was reading an article about the impact of pressure on business owners from a survey carried out by Simply Business last year.  It got me thinking about one of the most common issues most business owners I meet face. The limited time they have available to sell. You can read the full article by clicking here.
When faced with this time pressure, it’s important that you optimise every call. Every meeting needs to be effective.  Every quote needs to be as compelling as possible.  And, you need to have a consistent referral strategy to maximise the value of each contact. It’s also critical that you spend your time wisely.  Too many Business Owners I meet don’t have a consistent approach to assessing whether to pursue opportunities or not.  If you improved your conversion rate of opportunities to orders, would that give you back some time for friends and family?  It has for many of my clients.  According to one “Phil’s input into my proposal documents, content and layout has been invaluable and I now regularly win new clients off the back of my revised proposal template.”
You too can benefit from an immediate improvement in your sales conversion by adopting some of my simple but effective tools.  If you want to understand how, why not give me a call?  I may be able to help you regain some of your time.  It costs nothing to understand what I might be able to achieve and it could just be one of the best uses of your time!
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