Why Infographics May be Your Best Secret Weapon

I recently had a bash at creating an Infographic to help me explain some of the steps in the Sales Process. It was an interesting experience for a non-graphic person.  When I shared it with people, I found it helped them understand the various elements I can help them with more easily. Although it’s a very simple and needs developing, it helped me understand a little more about the value of images in messaging.  Whilst I was looking into creating an Infographic, I read an interesting piece by Lexie Lu, a freelance designer and writer.
In her article she said “….did you know that 90% of all information transmitted to the brain is visual? This has everything to do with why infographics are so successful at getting a point across and framing a business in a potential client’s mind.
It also explains why visual content — or content with relevant images — gets about 94% more views than content without.
Folks are also more likely to retain information that is presented visually. When people hear information, most will only be able to remember 10% of what they heard three days later. If that information is presented with a relevant image, those same people will retain 65% of the info for up to three days later.”
On the basis that this has a ring of truth about it, Infographics will help you stay in the mind of your potential customers longer.  Worth thinking about.  And the good news is that there are some free Infographic generating tools out there for you to use.
If you’d like some information on the sources of Infographic creation or any other aspect of staying at the forefront of your prospects’ minds, I can help.  Call me on 01664 840763 or 07712 3051111 or email me at phil.partington@psalesap.com.
All the best.