10 Rules for Using Email to Search for Clients

10 Rules for Using Email to Search for Clients10 Rules for Using Email to Search for Clients.  Many experts agree.  Email Marketing works! But, only when it’s done well.  I’ve lost count of the number of occasions when I receive emails that are badly created for one reason or another.  More often than not, is my guess!  So, at the risk of exposing my own shortcomings, I thought it was worth sharing an excellent article written by Mark Hunter.
Admittedly, we can’t always meet all the these criteria, but it is important that we’re aware of them.  I was really surprised by point number 4 and this has now become a feature of my emails.  Point 6 is another bone of contention I have with many people who send me marketing emails.  I use a great AND zero cost tool to help me with this.  I don’t always agree with the scoring it gives me, but I bow to it’s superior knowledge and any edge I can get in order to have my email read is worth having in my book!
You can read the article by clicking here. I hope you find it as useful as I did – even if it is just confirming you are already using Best Practice!  If you pick up one tip from this article, it’s worth your time to read it.  Who knows, you may just get a response from a prospect that you wouldn’t otherwise have got.
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