Things change

We make sure it’s for the better – for you and for your communities and customers.

Pragmatic, realistic, actionable engagement expertise aimed at helping accelerate the deployment of Climate Change plans that get COMMUNITY BUY-IN.

Koru are people-aware and change-ready.

We improve our customers’ and their communities’ abilities to reach net zero through innovative processes, technology and meaningful, continuous dialogue. We’re facilitators for greater and deeper engagement.

We help organisations improve their engagement – whether Local Authorities with their communities or Commercial organisations with their customers and prospects. We know that Governments, Businesses and Local Communities need and rely on each other – none of them can control the net zero journey in isolation. And our approach is sympathetic to this challenge, seeking to build strong bridges that facilitate co-operative success.

For Local Authorities and their Consultants, we help in areas such as funding bids, digital engagement plans and tools, as well as cooperative development of change programmes for topics such as climate emergency strategy, active travel and community safety.

We understand your challenges, the unexpected operating conditions you find yourself in. Led by your people, consumers or citizens, we deliver process and business improvement – for a better and more involved experience.

In a nutshell, we build positive relationships from suppliers to citizens to support you in tackling climate change locally. The image below shows our scope of services.

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To us, it means creating more value than we are paid. Value is what drives us – for your organisation, and your communities / customers. And we recognise that value means different things to different organisations, so we take time to understand what it means to you- right upfront.

Our Approach

As you tackle the demands of reaching net zero, we can help you achieve your goals.

Climate change is a massive and complex subject, with multiple and varied stakeholders and embedded behaviours and cultures. We provide effective and pragmatic solutions for organisations, their supply chains and their customers.

Your Organisation

It can secure sustainable change, higher community life time interaction, lower operating costs and most importantly, speed up the pace of bringing the whole community – citizens and organisations – together in the quest to reach and sustain net zero status. We’ll jointly devise a plan to help you accelerate the journey.

Your Network

Whether it’s your customers, your partners or your suppliers, quite simply they’ll receive a better experience, better value and a better life. Using the Measure: Identify: Plan: Do: Share process, we will provide ideas and tools that can assist you at each step to make this a reality for the community as well as encouraging them to get involved.

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