Things change

We all know that the climate is changing, fed by greenhouse gases and an ever-depleting bio-diverse environment.

We can arrest climate change and replenish our environment. We just have to believe we can make a difference.

Koru provides a pragmatic, realistic, actionable engagement expertise aimed at helping accelerate the deployment of Climate Change plans that get COMMUNITY BUY-IN.

We improve our customers’ and their communities’ abilities to reach net zero through simple processes, technology, networking , collaboration and innovation.

Many organisations like big companies, governmental bodies and – to a lesser extent, SMEs - will have their own net zero plans. However, that will only account for around 60% of emissions at most. Residential and private car emissions account for the rest.

In some urban areas, this can be as much as 70%. There is no doubt that more and more local authorities climate innovators realise that they cannot get to net zero without the support of the people, and these people need to change their behaviours. They also realise that while they can affect behaviour change through policy, e.g. low public transport fares, high city/town centre parking charges and free or heavily discounted roof insulation, they understand the need to engage their population. Realistically, no local authority will effect a discussion with all its citizens and if they could, they could probably not manage the volume of feedback. They need intermediaries to reach the people and this is where local groups can help bridge the gap. Let’s just call this group “communities”.

It impossible to get to Net Zero without engaging these communities.


To us, it means creating more value than we are paid. Value is what drives us and we recognise that value means different things to different organisations, so we take time to understand what it means to you- right upfront.

Our Approach

As you tackle the demands of reaching net zero, we can help you achieve your goals.

Climate change is a massive and complex subject, with multiple and varied stakeholders and embedded behaviours and cultures. We provide effective and pragmatic solutions for communities and community networks.

Your Organisation

It can secure sustainable change, higher community life time interaction, and most importantly, speed up the pace of bringing the whole community – citizens and organisations – together in the quest to reach and sustain net zero status.

Your Network

Koru provides you not only with advice but also has interactive and participatory products to help people network, collaborate and innovate practical and replicable solutions, just once.

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